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[K12OSN] Server


I do not doubt that using the Tyan S2460 in a rackmount Beowolf cluster 
results in a lot of heat related problems.  That could very well account for 
some of the spurious problems you mentioned. . . especially on those highest 
in the rack!

As a simple LTSP server in a proper tower configuration with ample fans the 
system has worked without a hiccup.  Admittedly, I am not loading it like you 
would with really heavy number crunching applications.

The newer S2466N is not without its problems (usb conflicts), but they appear 
to have been fixed in the latest models.  They are, however, about $60-70 
more than the S2460.  The one gotcha with dual AMD boards is the need to use 
registered ECC DDR RAM.  Definitely NOT the cheapest RAM on the block, i.e., 
about $500 per gigabyte.

In my original message I estimated that adding SCSI would be rather pricey.  I 
was mistaken!  PCProgress lists an LSIU160 single channel SCSI controller for 
$65.  They also carry IBM 15,000 rpm SCSI drives 18gig = $129, 36gig = $190.
That is not at all out of the reach of systems on a budget.  I don't know if 
anyone on this list has any experience with either the LSI board or the IBM 
SCSI drives.  I am quite certain the drives would need extra cooling.

Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, AR

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