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Re: [K12OSN] Server

Hi Dan,

The ASUS system board I used had a dual LSI1010 onboard u160 controller.

I know it is on the RedHat HCL, and haven't had a problem with it.

I'm installed 3 x 18GB u160 Seagate drives, so can't comment on the
cooling problems you might face with the IBM drives.

I sacrificed processor speed to get the SCSI drives, but I know it is
worth it.

That's my 2 cents worth.


On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 04:23, Daniel Loomis wrote:
> Konstantin,
> I do not doubt that using the Tyan S2460 in a rackmount Beowolf cluster 
> results in a lot of heat related problems.  That could very well account for 
> some of the spurious problems you mentioned. . . especially on those highest 
> in the rack!
> As a simple LTSP server in a proper tower configuration with ample fans the 
> system has worked without a hiccup.  Admittedly, I am not loading it like you 
> would with really heavy number crunching applications.
> The newer S2466N is not without its problems (usb conflicts), but they appear 
> to have been fixed in the latest models.  They are, however, about $60-70 
> more than the S2460.  The one gotcha with dual AMD boards is the need to use 
> registered ECC DDR RAM.  Definitely NOT the cheapest RAM on the block, i.e., 
> about $500 per gigabyte.
> In my original message I estimated that adding SCSI would be rather pricey.  I 
> was mistaken!  PCProgress lists an LSIU160 single channel SCSI controller for 
> $65.  They also carry IBM 15,000 rpm SCSI drives 18gig = $129, 36gig = $190.
> That is not at all out of the reach of systems on a budget.  I don't know if 
> anyone on this list has any experience with either the LSI board or the IBM 
> SCSI drives.  I am quite certain the drives would need extra cooling.
> Dan
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