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Re: [K12OSN] demo an LTSP server on a windows box, without doinga server install ? YES!

Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:

Le Jeudi 14 Novembre 2002 19:00, haynest mchsi com a écrit :

With my laptop I have to pass "knoppix nopcmcia screen=1400x1050" to the
kernel at boot.

You can boot a machine with a broken OS and transfer files via samba to a
share on the network before reimaging.

Chere can I download the iso image of that CD. THis is very interesting, first because it makes the installation of a K12LTSP systme very simple (knoppix includes a script to install the distro on the hard disk once it is running from the CD), but also because such a system is based on Debian, a very distribution that I find much easier than any other to maintain and upgrade. For this one there exists a LOT a really easy to install packages ( just a matter of typing "apt-get install PACKAGENAME") especially in the education field.

two things ;

I understand the Knoppix Terminal Server mounts the *entire* root filesystem on the Terminal. This means 'modern PCs only" - very different to the *thin* clients we use. If my understanding is correct, these systems have the potential to be rather sluggish with more than a few Terminals to a Server.

apt-get is available for R/H and I understand others find it plug-and-play. I have never used it.

I think apt-get would make a nice back-end for a dedicated K12LTSP repository. That way, we could build our own set of software for the '!distro' that is apt-get'able.


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