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Kool. So, Does anyone know if this works with 3.0 yet?

William J

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The rpms work with the K12LTSP project versions 2.10 and 2.1.1.  My 
howto is specific to K12 as well.  I knew I forgot to do something, an 
installation HOWTO:) I'll work on an install howto today.  

My rpms should work with ltsp.  You may have to edit a few config files. 
 The kernel rpms will install kernels for etherboot and pxe.  The kernel 
packages don't modify any config files.  James Jenson's HOWTO should get 
you going.  Where he explains how to compile the kernel,  skip it and 
install one of the kernel rpms.  Be sure your LTSP installation is 
working first and we'll get openmosix running.


Todd Warner wrote:

>I don't know a ton about Mosix, but it has been on my todo/toplay list
>for some time. Hope these sites help at least a bit:
>LTSP + Mosix:
>And from developerworks (couldn't get the pdf version of this to come
>On 9 Nov 2002, steve lewis wrote:
>>Hello Richard and list members,
>>Are there any current How To docs concerning the openMosix RPM
>>contributed by Richard Camp?
>>I have seen the ltsp openMosix doc at Richard's website, but wondering
>>if a k12ltsp specific doc exists.
>>Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
>>Steve Lewis
>>Fayetteville, AR , USA

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