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Re: [K12OSN] suggestions/requests for K12LTSP 3.0


I have been thinking about abstracting the Terminal Server itself so that it ;

1.) Network-Installs itself, sans CD, off an existing server
2.) Configures, syncs /home, and registers itself with the load-balancer.
3.) Terminal Server accepts its' first connection - conceivably, having never had a keyboard plugged in.

This has been the basis of my enquiries here over the last month or so. My goal has been to create a 'highly available' system suitable for either lesser server hardware, or large to very large numbers of terminals.

The major components of such a system are K12LTSP + Distributed Filesystem + Load Balancer + Install/Configure Server + custom kickstart.

I am thinking I'm aiming a little high, and that this is outside the scope of 90% of K12LTSP users.

I am also thinking your focus is on K12LTSP itself, rather than a new product.

Anyway, there's my thoughts/plan/idea.

regards, Steve

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