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[K12OSN] Video cards...

I have been watching the threads on building k12ltsp
servers. So, I rebuilt my k12ltsp server/workstation,
I serve my daughter's thin client, using AMD K6-2
500Mz cpu, 256M ram, and 9G Compaq Ultra 160 SCSI

This left no PCI slots for a video card. So, I
installed a Mattrox AGP video card. 

Upon installation of k12ltsp 2.1.1, the video card was
properly detected, and the "test" x setup went well

However upon reboot of the newly installed box, the X
server refuses to start.

So, I tried it again with a SIS AGP video card. This
one was aproperlyrlly detected, video test at install
worked fine, but failed to start X server upon reboot.

On both of these, x fails to start manually.

Any ideas, pointers , advice is greatly appreciated.

Steve Lewis
Fayetteville, AR, USA

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