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Re: [K12OSN] RedHat and XP Roaming profiles

I know that this is a little off-topic, but has anyone had any experienced with using offline caching of profiles when using samba as a PDC? I intend to setup a box at home running samba as a PDC and using roaming profiles for 3 Win2k clients. One of them is a laptop. As you can see, a problem arises if someone wants to take the laptop and go work at the library but still have all of their files available. I was ecstatic when I saw this thread come across the list. I knew for sure that I was going to get some very good advice about setting up my PDC.

Thank you to everyone on the list,
Paul Vittorino

From: "Ben Mabbott" <bmabbott riverdale k12 or us>

It's tricky, but not too tough. You'll need to setup a few things in your
smb.conf to get it working.

First, you need to have domain logons enabled, but it sounds like you
already do. Next, you need to tell Samba where to store the profiles:

logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U.pds

Samba will substitute the Server's netbios name for %L, and the username of
the person loging in for %U. So if user guest logs in, this will tell Samba
to load the profile from a file (or create it if it's not already there) at

Now, in order for the \\server\profiles location to exist, you need to
create a Samba share called profiles:

   comment = User Profiles
   path = /home/profiles
   browseable = yes
   guest ok = yes
   writeable = yes
   force create mode = 0755
   force directory mode = 0755
   nt acl support = no

Make sure that the directory listed as the path exists, is empty, and that
Samba can write to it. As people login, it should start to fill up with
those .pds files, one for each user.

That should be it. It took quite a bit of fiddling for me to get it to work,
but it's been running great ever since.


> Can someone point me in the right direction as to how I can set up roaming
> profiles (or enable it) on a K12LTSP box that is set up with Samba to be
> the primary domain controller? My other machines (non-LTSP) are Windows
> XP Pro and I need to be able to use roaming profiles for them....any
> David N. Trask
> Technology Teacher/Coordinator
> Vassalboro Community School
> dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us
> (207)923-3100

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