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Re: [K12OSN] suggestions/requests for K12LTSP 3.0

Hello Eric,

Would it be possible to remove the RHN critical notification applet from
normal users panel as the default?

Maybe replace default Redhat Mozilla splash screen with a K12LTSP splash
Add local copies of:
and add these as links on default Mozilla Personal Tool Bar?

I'm guessing the final release will be a Christmas Present?

Enjoy your two weeks off!

Many thanks,

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 23:08, Eric Harrison wrote:
> I just came off a two week stint of "suit-and-tie" work, meetings, and
> other such non-interesting activities. Yuck. (at least I did get the
> chance to speak geek with the Red Hat road tour crew ;-)
> I am splitting town on Friday, not to return until the second week of
> December. I'm going to take my laptop with me, loaded with a fresh copy of
> the K12LTSP 3.0 beta, and get some real work done.
> Last week, I helped Paul Nelson upgrade his high school to the latest
> K12LTSP 3.0 beta. I know Paul has a whole list of suggestions for me...
> For those of you who have tried the 3.0 beta, what would you like to see
> changed or added?
> -Eric
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