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[K12OSN] [Ltsp-discuss] Access local devices - Mainly Hard Drives

I am very interested in the K12 project, and the LTSP - I'm having it in
mind to create a system, where I can do a quick an easy rollout of my
choosen OS, but booting up a machine with a floppy, and accessing my desktop
on my terminal server, and also having access to the local hardware, meaning
that I can download files, repartition the drives, and away I go. That's my
main aim.

I don't want my machines to continually boot up and drag a boot kernal from
across a network, I'm much rather use a boot disk to connect to my terminal
server once in a while, it's just a matter of finding, or if the worse comes
to worse, creating a boot disk for that one purpose. Once connected, I'd
have my desktop... and access to all my files, and directories. And I'd be
able to issue a simple copy command, and then away I go.

If there are any websites that have what I need, I would appreciate it. Or
any advice on how to get this to work with a terminal server would be

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