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Re: [K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] New LTSP + openMosix How-To


Basically the idea is to combine the processing power of all the idle CPU
cycles on the client terminals (since all they are doing is running
Xwindows or a shell if you set them to boot at runlevel 3) with the server.
 Kind of similar to having a really big multi-processor SMP box ;-)

In an LTSP environment where the clients use Xwindows there is concern
about openMosix adding overhead on the network bandwidth (and slowing
things down) as the processes from the server migrate to the various
clients.  (Something to watch out for.)  So this concept may or may not
prove useful *depenging on your circumstances*.  But, hey, it's a really
fast and easy way to build a clustered system. ("Try doing *that* with
windows!" as I like to say...)

In the past builiding a clustered system has been more difficult, and I
daresay that until openMosix came along I doubt there were too many home
clusters out there for the hobbyist.  openMosix combined with LTSP really
"opens" up a whole new world for administrators and/or hobbyists...

In my How-To I follow Mr. Camp's startup for the clients in that it keeps
the client processes from migrating (so you don't have client A running
Xwindows for client B--that wouldn't be a good thing).  The server (where
all the action happens) is allowed to migrate processes to the clients as
needed (determined by the openMosix alogrithm).  "Fork and forget", as the
saying goes.  It's all done automatically.  This is a "good thing", because
in other clustering systems you would need to recompile applications to
take advantage of the system.  Not so with openMosix...

Well, I hope I got it right and haven't misstated anything.  Thanks for the
interest, I hope you find it useful,

James Jensen
live free() or die()

--- Stephen Liu <satimis writeme com> wrote:
> Hi James,
> openMosix is quite new to me.  Kindly advise what shall be the advantage
> of adding openMosix to LTSP which is only a single server and its
> clients are diskless workstation without OS.
> Thanks
> Stephen Liu

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