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Re: [K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] New LTSP + openMosix How-To

Hi James,

Thanks for your detail information.

On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 22:04, James Jensen wrote:
> Basically the idea is to combine the processing power of all the idle CPU
> cycles on the client terminals (since all they are doing is running
> Xwindows or a shell if you set them to boot at runlevel 3) with the server.
>  Kind of similar to having a really big multi-processor SMP box


> In an LTSP environment where the clients use Xwindows there is concern
> about openMosix adding overhead on the network bandwidth (and slowing
> things down) as the processes from the server migrate to the various
> clients.  (Something to watch out for.)  So this concept may or may not
> prove useful *depenging on your circumstances*.  But, hey, it's a really
> fast and easy way to build a clustered system. ("Try doing *that* with
> windows!" as I like to say...)

Can openMosix work on Windows.  Any pointer?
> In the past builiding a clustered system has been more difficult, and I
> daresay that until openMosix came along I doubt there were too many home
> clusters out there for the hobbyist.  openMosix combined with LTSP really
> "opens" up a whole new world for administrators and/or hobbyists..


> - snip -
> (so you don't have client A running
> Xwindows for client B--that wouldn't be a good thing).  

Could you please explain "client A running Xwindows for client B"


Stephen Liu

The server (where
> all the action happens) is allowed to migrate processes to the clients as
> needed (determined by the openMosix alogrithm).  "Fork and forget", as the
> saying goes.  It's all done automatically.  This is a "good thing", because
> in other clustering systems you would need to recompile applications to
> take advantage of the system.  Not so with openMosix...
> Well, I hope I got it right and haven't misstated anything.  Thanks for the
> interest, I hope you find it useful,

> James Jensen
> <><><><><><><>
> openmosix.sourceforge.net
> live free() or die()
> --- Stephen Liu <satimis writeme com> wrote:
> > Hi James,
> > 
> > openMosix is quite new to me.  Kindly advise what shall be the advantage
> > of adding openMosix to LTSP which is only a single server and its
> > clients are diskless workstation without OS.
> > 
> > Thanks
> > 
> > Stephen Liu

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