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Re: [K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] New LTSP + openMosix How-To

--- Utsav Pardasani <pardasaniman yahoo com> wrote:
> Hello friends.  I am thinking of including openmosix on our network with
> LTSP.  
> My possible clients are a group of 166Mhz machines.  What sort of setup
> would cause openMosix to
> give a boost over the standard K12LTSP setup.

Any system from 386 on can be added to an openMosix cluster.  Of course, as
may be expected, the benefits of adding 486's or P100's to cluster with say
even my old AMD 450MHZ will not be very noticeable (from my own
experience).  But hey, try the openMosix stress test and see what happens:


Run this test with a couple of terminal sessions open, one running mtop &
another running mosmon -t, and watch the fun in progress...

>  If a machine is runnning a
> process, for another,
> will that process be nullified if that machine is shutdown?

Yes & no, I've done some limited testing, forcing processes to run on
specific nodes (LTSP clients) and then just dropping that node by powering
it off.  In most instances, since the process has vanished with the node
you will see it hang on the system the lost node was running it for. 
Strangely, at other times it keeps right on going.

> Basically my question is --> Is is a good idea to use openmosix in
> diskless environment.  If not,
> what is it meant for?

That depends on what you are trying to do.

1. Cluster everything (server & clients) in a user production environment? 
I would say no (as much as that pains me to say).  Not unless you're
positive regarding the impact of client nodes dropping out of the cluster
on the rest of your clients...

2. Balance the load on the backend, the LTSP server in a user production
environment?  My answer is yes!  This can be achieved quite easily.  And,
since no one had better be turning off your servers you won't lose migrated

3. Quickly build a single system image cluster HPC solution? Absolutely!

As I mentioned in a previous post, for those that want to get an openMosix
cluster fired up as quickly as possible, there is no faster or easier way
to do it then via LTSP, AFAIK.  Moshe Bar (head of the openMosix project)
once said in a post that "K12LTSP and openMosix are made for each other." 
I couldn't agree more!  It just makes building a cluster almost effortless.
 Like I said, as fast as you boot them up you can add nodes to the cluster.
 It's just that easy...

If you have the opportunity, take a look at the documentation on:

Technical, but informative...

Also here is another interesting article on various types of clustering


James Jensen
live free() or die()

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