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Re: [K12OSN] Reset User

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 16:41, Josiah Ritchie wrote:
> I'm wondering if something could be setup so that all users would be
> reset to the defaults every time they logged in.  It seems like a simple
> script.  I'm thinking like what Deep Freeze does for win boxen.

We have found that using Icewm gives us what we need in terms of
standardizing the desktops in the lab.  If individual users don't set up
a .icwmrc file, then everyone gets the global defaults.  What's more,
changes to the global menu config file take immediate effect throughout
the lab.

Power users eventually learn to create and modify their own .icewmrc
files, but my policy is by that time they can have any reasonable
configuration they like (with guidelines such as "all backgrounds must
adhere to the Yorktown dress code ;-) as long as they maintain it.  It
has worked out perfectly, because we can offer both the customization
that power users crave and the safety that keeps beginners from hurting
> Also another possibility, a menu option that when selected would reset
> all defaults and reset the local X server, kind of like a panic button. 
> (First thing to teach a user.  If it doesn't look right click here. :-)

We also use a tool called TeacherTool, written for us by Robert Melton,
that gives me a GUI display of everyone who is logged in and what they
are running.  I can "push" applications onto users desktops running as
them (this is great for teaching) as well as kill processes that ought
not be running.

> Any ideas on how best to implement this?  It's for a lab environment
> concept I'm working on in my head.

You are not far from us (we're in Arlington, VA) and would be more than
welcome to stop by and see what we have working.

jeff elkner
yorktown high school
arlington, va

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