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[K12OSN] OpenOffice Printing


We are using K12LTSP v2.1.1 and we are having trouble printing from 
OpenOffice. The printer is a Savin 2522 (rebranded Ricoh 1022 or 1027 
apparently) using PCL5 and connected via ethernet. Its one of those digital 
copier / printer combinations. 

We can print a test page from RedHat's printer configuration tool. We can 
print from Gnumeric and AbiWord just fine. We can even print a test page from 
OpenOffice's spadmin with no problems. 

But when we try to print any normal document from OpenOffice, the printer 
fires up like it wants to print, but then stops and refuses to do anything 
until we turn it off and back on again. lpstat gives a message that the 
printer is currently printing "(Paper Size None.)" and that the printer is 
"Not Ready". 

We have used the "ljet4" driver and the "pxlmono" driver so far, both with 
the same results. The default paper size is set to "US Letter" everywhere.

Any ideas about what might cause this bizarre print failure??

Jason Fleming

Carteret Academy, North Carolina

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