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[K12OSN] Large File Size Questions

Hey -

Problem -

Creating a file > 2GB in Linux.

I am trying to create a disk image of a mac hard drive that is larger than 2GB. I don't know if the problem stems from the file system, or netatalk. (I have a beta copy of disk copy that does allow images > 2GB and I can use it to duplicate images to a local attached drives).

I am attempting to create the large file on YellowDog 2.3 with a 2.4.19 kernel running netatalk There is plenty of space on the drive, and it's currently formatted ext2 with 4096 block size. I've tried 1K blocks and 2K blocks, and ext3 as well.

Here's the silly question -

What would the syntax be to create a 2+ GB file using DD? I want to rule out the filesystem as the problem by creating a large file from the command line, and I just can't get the syntax for DD right....

Side question -

Shouldn't I need to have at least 2K blocks in order to have files larger than 2GB on ext2/3?

Tougher question -

I've scoured the docs in netatalk - does it have a file size limit that's interfering with me?

Why am I doing this? -

I am hoping to duplicate the netboot system on Linux detailed at http://mike.passwall.com/macnc/ but instead of running the OS off of the netboot image, have the netboot image perform an automatic system restore. If a teacher is having trouble with their iMac (or iBook etc), reboot, hold the N key down (to netboot) and the machine is autorestored back to it's pristine state.

Anyway, any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -

Scott Sherrill
Technology Coordinator Hancock Public Schools
Hancock, MI

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