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[K12OSN] Intolerable Boot Times

I'm having real trouble getting my clients to boot up, the server is a dual PIII 750, with a gig of ram, it has an onboard Intel PRO/100 network card acting as eth0 and a Zonet 10/100 Ethernet card (based on the RTL8139 chip) acting as eth1, it will only be running 10 clients max, however even when trying to boot up a single PC it takes over an hour, I have re-installed K12LTSP 2.1, 2.2, and now I am having the same trouble with 3.0, it surely cant take over half an hour to send a ~1.5 meg file over a 100mbit connection. At present the only two machines connected to thed hub are the server and the single client I am trying to boot. The client is booting with its PXE bootrom (Intel PRO/100 again) but the problem persists no mater what client I use, I have clients with NE2000 cards, more of the Zonet Cards and a few other spurious brands.
My best guess is network problems, ie faulty server lan card, or the hub. Any Ideas?

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