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Re: [K12OSN] password protecting browser use?

David Bucknell wrote:

Does someone know how to make it necessary for windows workstation users to
authenticate in order to use their Web browsers? The gateway is Linux of course.

The beauty of Linux is, there will be a dozen ways to do this.

I use Squidguard + ncsa-auth + a couple of glue scripts to make it work.

In operation, I looks like this ;

A user of any machine on my network wants to get onto the internet. I create them an account on the gateway, and add them to the 'access' group.

Every so-often, a script runs and grabs all the members of group 'access' and puts their Linux passwords in the squid auth file.

When a user wants to get to the internet, they direct their browser towards the internet and squid asks for their credentials..

I can disable any persons' access to the net, regardless of browser or operating system, simply by dropping them from the 'access' group.

You will also be able to create other groups, or 'classes' of users who have different sets of restrictions, ie, time of day, day of week etc...

If you would like to use it, I will get all the scripts, files, and docs together for you.

HTH, Steve

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