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Re: [K12OSN] Intolerable Boot Times


Try a cross-over cable between the workstation and the server,
to rule out all of the rest of the network.

If it is fast, at least you know the problem isn't the
workstation or the server.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, M H wrote:

> I'm having real trouble getting my clients to boot up, the server is a
> dual PIII 750, with a gig of ram, it has an onboard Intel PRO/100 network
> card acting as eth0 and a Zonet 10/100 Ethernet card (based on the
> RTL8139 chip) acting as eth1, it will only be running 10 clients max,
> however even when trying to boot up a single PC it takes over an hour, I
> have re-installed K12LTSP 2.1, 2.2, and now I am having the same trouble
> with 3.0, it surely cant take over half an hour to send a ~1.5 meg file
> over a 100mbit connection. At present the only two machines connected to
> thed hub are the server and the single client I am trying to boot. The
> client is booting with its PXE bootrom (Intel PRO/100 again) but the
> problem persists no mater what client I use, I have clients with NE2000
> cards, more of the Zonet Cards and a few other spurious brands.
> ?
> My best guess is network problems, ie faulty server lan card, or the hub.
> Any Ideas?
> ?
> Mike
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