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Re: [K12OSN] Intolerable Boot Times here, too

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Jim Bethancourt wrote:

>Glad to hear that someone else is having a similar
>problem and also conquered it.
>I've got a small testbed for K12LTSP 3.0 beta (I'm 
>hoping to move our school to it), and I can run a 
>single client off of the server through Eth0 using a 
>crossover cable, and it boots up quickly.
>However, when I attach Eth0  and the client to the 
>network's switches, I have long boot times and login 
>times as well, like at least 1 minutes for booting up 
>(but it boots!)  When I use a crossover cable to 
>connect Eth0 to the switches, it doesn't connect to 
>the network.  (I ruled that one out to make sure.)  
>Eth0 is a Netgear FA311 RevB-1, in case you need to 

When I helped Paul @ Riverdale upgrade to the 3.0 beta,
bootups and logins were very slow, but everything else
ran ok.

Turned out that one of us didn't push the patch cable
all the way in, one of wires was not making good 
contact causing severe packet loss.

Everything that used TCP worked well enough, but the
UDP apps choked. The boot up process (tftp) and the 
login process (xdmcp) both use UDP.

Run ifconfig and check for bad and/or dropped packets.
If you have managed switches, check the stats on those
as well.


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