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SV: [K12OSN] password protecting browser use?

I use a workaround that involves a LinuX/Samba as PDC.
It is a bit ugly, but it works (at school).

I have a LinuX that serves both as a PDC and as DNS.
The DNS is blocked from the subnet in the server, and gets opened for
specific IP-address when logging in.

In the home share I have a
root preexec and a root postexec that opens and closes the DNS port

When not logged in this gives that the DNS port is blocked for that
IP-address, but when user logges in port opens and user can make use of
Ofcourse I could in the same manner block all external traffic, but I didn't
want to load my server with that and found DNS access to be a satisfactory

Now samba does not run root postexec if user is not correctly logged off so
I put a cleanup code in cron.15 that checks with smbstatus what computers
are logged in and closes other ports.

Works great on Win95, Win98 in school environment.

Peter Andersson

PS I don't say this is a good way to do it, it just worked for me. There is
probably an easier way.

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Ämne: [K12OSN] password protecting browser use?

Does someone know how to make it necessary for windows workstation users to
authenticate in order to use their Web browsers? The gateway is Linux of


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