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[K12OSN] SCSI Reliability

I was talking the other day with the service manager of a computer systems and 
service provider in our area about implementing SCSI drives on our k12ltsp 
server.  He was not terribly encouraging.  His experience with lots and lots 
of servers (most running NT or Win2k) has been with repeated failures of SCSI 
drives . . . much more so than with IDE HDs.  He is especially down on 
Seagate SCSI drives as he has had to replace a number of those lately.

I was under the impression that SCSI drives are at least as reliable as those 
using IDE interfaces.  My last SCSI drives were those installed on an Autocad 
Server running Novell about 10 years ago.  I guess the move to 10,000 & 
15,000 rpm drives could be a major factor in their reliability, but have not 
read anything to that effect online.  I did not ask if the failed drives had 
been equipped with hd cooling fans.

Has anyone had similar experiences or is the anecdotal experience of my 
acquaintance unusual?


P.S.  My friend did say that SCSI tape drives were DEFINITELY the way to go.
Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, Arkansas

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