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Re: [K12OSN] Sound and LTSP

I'm experimenting with a possible switch to ltsp, and have also messed with sound a good bit. I currently have sound working with realplayer through browsers on clients, which is probably the only application I need sound for at the moment. It works with any windows manager (at least ICE, Gnome and KDE). 

The steps I took were:

installed the ltsp sound package by Boris Reisig (link at the ltsp.org contrib page)

disable ARTs

Enable the Gnome sound server.


Quoting Daniel Loomis <dloomis cox-internet com>:

> Duane Wilson,
> Getting sound to work with browsers is a special problem.  K12LTSP uses
> eSound 
> (esd) as its network aware sound server.  It works well with Gnome since 
> eSound is the default sound server with that environment.  It does not work
> with KDE since it uses a different sound server (aRts).
> I have fiddled with sound for some time now and have not had any luck getting
> it to work with web browsers on LTSP clients.  Wine does not support esd so
> even crossover-plugin does not help.
> Someone with a lot more smarts on linux sound than I possess will have to 
> figure out.
> Dan
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