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[K12OSN] K12LTSP v3.0 pre3 (final build?)

>From: Eric Harrison 
>The -pre3 discs are available here:
>Assuming no show-stopping bugs are found, this will be the last build.
>Speak up now or forever hold your peace ;-)

You never give up, do you? :))

After I downloaded 3beta, I tested it on small server.
Then I downloaded 3pre1. Just before burning I found 3pre2. And just as
I finished downloading pre2, I found new catalogue with 3pre3.
Now I just wait with burning until I REALLY have time for testing and
playing. Maybe tomorrow I find pre4 etc. :)))

You really did good job and I'm really sorry cause I haven't time to
help with testing before final release. (At least before Jan 5. exam).
I´m proud to announce that my master degree topic is "how to replace
prevailing M$ system with Linux in small firms and schools. Pro-s and
contras." And I do working model in my firm by example of K12LTSP. I't
feels almost perfect for this purpose.

So - go ahead!

Also I have question before I will install Pre3: You turned default page
format to Letter in OOO.org. How to turn it back to A4 for all (new)
users? Or is it necessary if all users use et_EE (estonian) keyboard
(in lts.conf)? (As I remember, You turned Letter default for only US

Oh my God! During writing this letter I found pre5 ::)))) (It is not yet
in mirror).
Yo are relly crazy! :)

Happy New Year!


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