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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP v3.0 pre3 (final build?)

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Mella wrote:

>Also I have question before I will install Pre3: You turned default page
>format to Letter in OOO.org. How to turn it back to A4 for all (new)
>users? Or is it necessary if all users use et_EE (estonian) keyboard
>(in lts.conf)? (As I remember, You turned Letter default for only US

It should not change your settings unless your locale specifies a US
Letter sized paper width.

To manually make the change, edit /usr/lib/openoffice/share/psprint/psprint.conf
and set "PPD_PageSize=A4" for A4 or "PPD_PageSize=Letter" for US Letter.

>Oh my God! During writing this letter I found pre5 ::)))) (It is not yet
>in mirror).
>Yo are relly crazy! :)

Pre 5 followed pre 4 very quickly ;-)

The only difference between pre3 & pre4 is that I figured out how to fix
the "Education" menu. I quickly put out a pre5 because I missed a step in
building pre4, it is possible for the "Add or Remove Software" utility
to hang if you try to use it to install blas-3.0-18.i386.rpm ;-)

I'm going to do another round of testing again in a couple hours. If all
passes, I will rename 3.0pre5 to 3.0.0.


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