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Re: [K12OSN] dhclient issue?


The /linuxrc script is inside of the initrd which is
tacked onto the end of the kernel that is being downloaded
to the workstation.

Can't you just use the IP address in the root-path line in
the dhcpd.conf file ?

Also, if you don't include an IP address in the root-path,
then it will default to whichever server the client obtained
it's IP address from.

That is, do this:    root-path   "/opt/ltsp/i386";

without the 'ip-addr:' in the path.

I'm pretty sure that will do the trick.


On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Chris Hobbs wrote:

> jam McQuil com wrote:
> > Chris,
> > 
> > When the client boots up, and runs dhclient during the /linuxrc
> > script, it doesn't know anything about dns.  In fact, it doesn't
> > even have any resolver libraries at that point.  So, when the
> > root filesystem is mounted via NFS, you cannot use a hostname,
> > you must use an IP address.
> > 
> > Jim McQuillan
> > jam Ltsp org
> Thanks Jim. I assume /linuxrc is located on the server somewhere, but I 
> can't 'locate' it. Can I hardcode each server's address into that script? 
> Since the initial redirection to a RR server is working, if I just hardcode 
> it to mount root from whatever server it currently is using, that'd work for me.
> Thanks for the quick response!


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