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Re: [K12OSN] Kernel Panic - can't find NIC

Hi Jim,

I sent an e-mail to Henning Petersen Wangerin with info that may help.

Old hardware with old PCI and poor PNP. 

Try creating a custom boot rom from rom-o-matic. You have to use
hardware detection of the NIC because PNP wasn't implemented well back

As an aside......and this is what I think may be causing all the

For PNP to work you need 3 things.
1) a PNP bios
2) a PNP card
3) a PNP operating system

Most of the older Pentium motherboards didn't have PNP in bios. A lot
didn't implement PCI to spec (the spec was still developing).

Sorry I can't be more specific on exactly how to go about this. I
haven't created a custom rom image in over a year, so I'm working from

Hope this helps.


On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 16:14, Jim Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my clients has been having trouble booting.  At first, etherboot
> couldn't find the NIC.  I've noticed that this problem is often reported
> when the ethernet cable is bad, but that's not the case this time (I
> swapped with a known good cable).
> The client is a circa 1996 DELL 586, 133MHz.  I've got 22 of them.
> Thinking the NIC itself went bad, I bought another one.  Best Buy had
> some Netgear FA311's (PCI, 10/100) on sale, so I picked up one of those
> ($5.00 after rebates).  Then I made a boot floppy at rom-o-matic and
> fired it up.
> EB detects the NIC OK, the DHCP server is found, and the kernel is
> loaded.  But then the kernel cannot detect the NIC.  I don't remember
> the exact wording of the error message, but it suggests that PCI NICs
> should be detected automatically (and this is a PCI NIC), but that I
> need to spec some option-129 stuff if this is an ISA NIC.
> Perhaps my problem was not a bad NIC after all?  Anyone care to weigh in
> on this one?
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