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RE: [K12OSN] Kernel Panic - can't find NIC

Hot Dog I found it. I think Jim was the one that helped me long ago and
I found his post:

With a 3c509, there's a couple things you need to do:

1)  Turn off Plug-n-play on the card.  You will need
    the 3com setup utility for that.  If you don't have
    it, you can download it from the 3com website.

2)  You need option-129 to contain 'NIC=3c509'.  You
    do NOT need the IO=0x300.  the driver will probe
    that automatically.

3)  You MUST have option-128 set to e4:45:74:68:00:00

That's the solution. If you're using the same dell machines as I am, the
onboard nics are 3c509's. Follow the steps at the top, do a dhcp restart
and things should work. HTH

Caleb Wagnon, MCP
Fordyce School District
Office of Technology
Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
(870) 352-2968

The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better." So I installed LINUX.


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