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At bottom of page the author lists a number of Via mobos and nic


You may find helpful info at mini-itx.com.



At 12:48 AM 1/5/03 +0100, Trond Mæhlum wrote:
>I have just installed 3.0 on a testserver at home. I have two nics. One 
>is a RealTeak 8139 which is detected fine as eth0. The other is an 
>onboard lan on my via mainboard. WindowsXP identifies it as 1394 Network 
>Adapter. In properties it says 1394 on VIA host... Now, how can I get 
>this up and running on my 3.0 box? When I boot my system it pauses 
>slightly after bios screen and asks for RealTek 8139 setup. This was the 
>case before I put my other 8139 in the box. This leads me to believe 
>that the via card should be 8139 compatible. But when I try to set it up 
>as 8139 in Linux it cannot start eth1. I have also tried Ne2000 and 
>compatible with no luck.
>Can anyone help me out here?
>Trond Mæhlum
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