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1394 refers to the IEEE spec otherwise know as Firewire. I know that WinXP supports networking over firewire and that is why is is shows up in the network connections screen. That's just my best guess.

Paul Vittorino

From: Trond Mæhlum <trondrm online no>
I have just installed 3.0 on a testserver at home. I have two nics. One is a RealTeak 8139 which is detected fine as eth0. The other is an onboard lan on my via mainboard. WindowsXP identifies it as 1394 Network Adapter. In properties it says 1394 on VIA host... Now, how can I get this up and running on my 3.0 box? When I boot my system it pauses slightly after bios screen and asks for RealTek 8139 setup. This was the case before I put my other 8139 in the box. This leads me to believe that the via card should be 8139 compatible. But when I try to set it up as 8139 in Linux it cannot start eth1. I have also tried Ne2000 and compatible with no luck.

Can anyone help me out here?

Trond Mæhlum

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