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Re: [K12OSN] How many users?

Jeffrey O'Hara wrote:

Just curious, how many users are people are supporting? There has been
interest in switching to a Linux based solution in our environment
(probably just servers only?. Due to our large environment things could
get hairy if we don't plan correctly. Currently we are running novell
and groupwise mail for our servers. We have 22 buildings all networked
through a wan (t1 access to the CO riding down a channelized t3 to our
main administrative building) I'm looking at aproximately @3000 desktops
and @22 file servers and @14000 users (i think). Anyone done
installations this large?

8-) desktops? no.

I would love to see K12LTSP capable of these sorts of numbers.. but an entire rethink will be in order.

The issues for large-scale K12LTSP are roughly ;

Server Performance
Switch up-link performance
Centralising administration
Distributing the /home directory globally
Seperating and then abstracting various network services
Abstracting the Server Install/upgrade procedure

regards, Steve

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