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Re: [K12OSN] How many users?

Jim Wildman wrote:

I've sketched it out on paper several times. :-)

as have I. but mostly tossed them out, after studying it..

Firstly, I'm only involved in a small way, but I am motivated by "what this can become" and I see the big-picture easily.

So, I only have my small test network at home.. (various between none and 5 terminals..)

The file servers are easy. Are you going to stick with Novell, use nfs, or using Windows file sharing?

For sure. My initial focus would be 100% Open-Source.

Do you want to run all of the desktops in a thin client mode or do
some of them need to be 'thick'? Guessing from the number of users, the desktops will be used by more than one person, implying 24x7 operation.

Until I have proved it impossible, I would have thin-clients everywhere.

What application are the desktops running?

any and all or whatever.. 8-)

Pretty Desktops + Big Apps == $ 100,000's++. Boring Desktops + tiny Apps == $ 10,000's. As is the usual, more money gets us more pretty desktops.

Basically you take a swag at how many users per server, then start figuring out how many servers you will need. Build a lab setup and
test your hypothesis.

Yep. That number will vary quite widely depending on all sorts of things.. there is much to figure out.

all the best, Steve

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