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RE: [K12OSN] How many users?


Great topic. Keep it coming. Good job. I hear the under tone of M$ license costs and other issues in the previous posts on this topic. I have no doubt that a well designed Linux based network could solve these problems and do all this...

My modular little paradise...

- One server to authenticate ( maybe a backup auth server as well) LDAP
(maybe the authentication server also serves as a file backup server)
( humble opinion - - LDAP is the answer I must learn MORE ! )

-Server or servers to take care of /home space for staff and students. SMB
- My current environment I need the /home/user to be exportable to PC clients and LTSP clients
-Print services....
-Internet services (www space for teachers and teacher/student projects.)
-database services
-Now add LTSP servers to labs and office locations as you see fit.
- Network needs to have clients for Microsoft workstations..for now. (auth file print)
- Network needs to offer Mac services (auth file print)
LTSPK12 works out of the box for a lab settings with the number of machines
governed by server RAM only.

In a big district MS is not going away quickly or quietly so any installment must support both Linux and MS clients - - at the same time.

I thought I saw a link on the LTSPK12 web page on LDAP ? Does anyone have the link ?

Thanks. Please comment,
Tom Ventresco

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