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[K12OSN] Re: Followup on prior discussion on dualing DHCP servers, MS andK12LTSP

John Hansknecht wrote:

I found the following on the K12OSN listserv from May of last year. At
the time the comment was "this is alpha". Have people been using this
successfully to allow dualing DHCP servers on the same subnet to support
the Microsoft and K12LTSP terminals?

I don't know who is using it other than me.

The long story :

I don't have the experience to adjust their W2K server. I did have a look through it, and made no changes but clicked out of *everything* using the cancel button. All this was under the watchful gaze of their sysadmin. We were both truly horrified when the stupid windows box took exception to one of the "cancel" clicks, heavily faulted, and preceeded to take the network down. I stayed with her until her system was back up, apologised profusely (not that I had been rough on it) and departed and never went back. Now I want nothing to do with windows.

The short story:

The Linux dhcpd.conf works well. It has been production stable for perhaps a year. I fully expect you will need to modify some bits of it to work on your network. I pull the Cat5 cable on our subnet when booting terminals so to ignore their MS DHCP, and then everything works well. /me shakes head.

If you read the man pages, most of this is explained well.

I would be very interested in hearing from a windows sysadmin with a step-by-step set of instructions for the ms DHCPd.

post again if you would like further assistance.


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