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[K12OSN] Linux and Macs

Happy New Year everyone,
I would like to know if anyone has Macs and if they
can make them log into a Linux server?  We have Macs,
PC's, and thinclints here.  I can make the PC's log in
and my thinclints, but I don't know how I can get the
Mac's to log in.  I am trying to get Yellow Dog or
maybe MKLinux to work on our iMacs, still working on
it, haven't been successful yet.  If anyone has any
suggestions I would love to hear.

Just to let you know how we are doing here at Madison
High School,  I have set up 5 LTSP servers (a variety
of servers from a Compaq Proliant 800 to several small
400 MHz machines. Have over 40 thinclints (IBM 350 100
MHz to 166 MHz machines).  The machines only have a
floppy drive for the Nic card.  They are working very
well.  I am extremely please with how things are
running.  I did have to glue the fronts of the cases
shut because I have floppies in the floppy drive and
the students insisted on taking the floppies out. 
They also thought it was interesting to put a password
in CMOS.  I think I have everything under control now.

I have netatalk for communications with the Macs,
works wonderfully, samba for the PC's, it is now
working great, and of course the thinclients.

Still have't fixed my database of all students for
home folders yet.  This has been my biggest problem. 
Still trying to find a solution.  I have a database
that had the students Last Name, First Name, and Year
Group.  Can't figure out how to get it into a batch
file.  I have around 1300 students to make home
folders for, I already put in all of the staff by
hand, that took me 4 days.

I am in the process of writing down exactly what I did
and what it does.  This is the only way that I can
keep track of what I did.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Jennifer Waters
Madison High School
Portland, Oregon
watersjenusa2002 yahoo com

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