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Re: [K12OSN] How many users?

aust_txv ACCESS-K12 org wrote:


Great topic. Keep it coming. Good job. I hear the under tone of M$ license costs and other issues in the previous posts on this topic. I have no doubt that a well designed Linux based network could solve these problems and do all this...

Thank you. <beam>

I have little knowledge of ms server operating systems and have no desire to gain it. <shrug> I openly dislike ms after my bad experiences with their products. This may be because of my limited experience admin'ing them however.

What is certain, is Linux can eventually replace ms entirely, a controversial suggestion I agree. One of the things I like about open-source is that I can build whatever I like without concern for politics - so I will. 8-)

It also seems to me, that over time much of the present hardware will obsolete itself, or break down, and then we have an opportunity to move further toward 100% Linux, at which point it would be dead simple to migrate.. simply replace said hardware with a terminal - nothing is easier than that.

My modular little paradise...

- One server to authenticate ( maybe a backup auth server as well) LDAP
(maybe the authentication server also serves as a file backup server)
( humble opinion - - LDAP is the answer I must learn MORE ! )

-Server or servers to take care of /home space for staff and students. SMB
- My current environment I need the /home/user to be exportable to PC clients and LTSP clients
-Print services....
-Internet services (www space for teachers and teacher/student projects.)
-database services
-Now add LTSP servers to labs and office locations as you see fit.
- Network needs to have clients for Microsoft workstations..for now. (auth file print)
- Network needs to offer Mac services (auth file print)
LTSPK12 works out of the box for a lab settings with the number of machines
governed by server RAM only.

all noted. I am still revolving large complex objects above my head - a process I use to establish what the major components of such a thing will be, where those components will live, and what distro is most easily hackable toward that goal.

I reluctantly 8-) agree that we need SMB/Mac support.

In a big district MS is not going away quickly or quietly so any installment must support both Linux and MS clients - - at the same time.

temporarily, yes. but it will go away. 8-) It is fortunate for us that Linux does SMB/Mac so easily. I am picturing the smiles on admin peoples face, when one day in the near future, they `chkconfig --del samba` for the last and final time. Smiles all around I would suggest.

more to come. I am not well today after eating a suspect sandwich yesterday. grrr.. Also have been very busy otherwise..

regards, Steve

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