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Adding user en masse ... was ... Re: [K12OSN] Linux and Macs

Hi Jennifer,

> Still have't fixed my database of all students for
> home folders yet.  This has been my biggest problem. 
> Still trying to find a solution.  I have a database
> that had the students Last Name, First Name, and Year
> Group.  Can't figure out how to get it into a batch
> file.  I have around 1300 students to make home
> folders for, I already put in all of the staff by
> hand, that took me 4 days.

Have a look at webmin and the user admin section.

There is an option to add users from a batch file.

It gives the format for that batch file ( colon delimited by default, or
user specified ).

I used MS Word (shock horror) to create a mail merge file. 

Exported the student information from our school admin package. This
formed the data source for the merge file.

Ran the mail merge which created my batch file for webmin.

Created users from batch file using webmin. This worked for 50+ staff
members. It took more time to create and test the mail merge than it did
to create the users.

The good part is the merge files are re-usable.

I also had another mail merge file that created my samba.conf stanzas
for home shares. I know this can be scripted, but I didn't have time at
that stage.

Hope this helps,

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