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Re: [K12OSN] Linux and Macs

Jennifer Waters wrote:

Still have't fixed my database of all students for
home folders yet. This has been my biggest problem. Still trying to find a solution. I have a database
that had the students Last Name, First Name, and Year
Group. Can't figure out how to get it into a batch
file. I have around 1300 students to make home
folders for, I already put in all of the staff by
hand, that took me 4 days.

I am in the process of writing down exactly what I did
and what it does.  This is the only way that I can
keep track of what I did.

What format is the existing database ?

If you can extract this data, your job will be easy(er). There are plenty of text manipulation tools to do this sort of trickery, and if you are experienced in Perl, or would like to learn this language, the job will be quite trivial - particularly /next/ time you have to do it.

Even simpler, I understand Webmin will import users from a text file and create Linux+samba+netatalk accounts automagically.. Bert posted a solution for this some time back.

Do keep us informed, and we will assist further.

regards, Steve

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