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[K12OSN] Quick Review of TigerDirect $200 PC

I got K12LTSP installed, but didn't have a lot of time to mess with it, so
here's the quick review -

 * Installed and configured everything correctly, with the exception that
I had to tell it that there were 16M on the Video card (this would not
affect function, except perhaps for speed and resolution - but it was fine
even with this setting wrong (defaulted to 1M))

 * Runs fast, with the obvious exception of initial load of OpenOffice
(first run is the worse - I think it has to register all of it's UNO
objects the first time a user runs it)

 * Default OS of Lindows is very nice, but has very little actual

 * Graphics card has NO Linux OpenGL drivers that I know of (if anyone
knows of SiS 3D Linux Drivers, let me know)

 * NOTE - I haven't plugged in speakers yet to tell if the sound works,
but it detected which card I had at least

 Machine Specs:

   AMD Duron 950Mhz (I think it was advertised as 800Mhz)
   128M RAM
   15Gig Hard drive
   SiS Video and sound card
   56X CDROM
   Floppy Drive

For those of you in business, if you are selling these just as terminals,
you could probably strip off the hard drive, CDROM, and floppy drive, and
sell those on E-bay to recoup a lot of that $200.

The reason I bought the computer is that I don't need much, and it was
cheap enough that I could add my own CDRW and 3D Video card.

Haven't tried running a terminal on it, but it would definitely make a
great machine as a terminal.

Now that I'm reviewing it, I can't seem to find it any more on
TigerDirect.  Did they stop selling it?


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