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Re: [K12OSN] TeacherTool.py Help debugging

>From what I remember from the original vnc setup we
had, /usr/local/share/passwd was the encrypted
password needed to connect to the vnc server.
This was generated using
$ vncpasswd /usr/local/share/passwd

mdeicaza:2 was the host that had the vnc server on
display :2

However, that setup was abandoned here, and we have a
new one using vncreflector and tightvnc.  I'm in the
middle of writing a short doc on how to set up the
server and reflector.  I started it this morning, and
now I just have to finish it and then check to see how
coherent I was earlier.


--- Tim Litwiller <tim litwiller net> wrote:
> I played with that a bit last night, 
> /usr/local/share/passwd doesn't 
> exist on my systems,  so I tried /etc/passwd  
> after that I get a can find vnc server type of
> error.  I don't have time 
> right now to get the exact message.
> >Same here.....changing the numbers made the
> difference as far as seeing
> >the machines.....now I'm wondering....is there
> anything in this line that
> >should be changed to allow the VNC stuff?  See
> below...
> >
> >
> >    def runVnc(self):
> >	" Run vnc as a student "
> >	self.run("vncviewer -shared -passwd
> /usr/local/share/passwd mdeicaza:2")
> >  
> >
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