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Re: [K12OSN] How many users?

What is certain, is Linux can eventually replace ms entirely, a
controversial suggestion I agree.

It also seems to me, that over time much of the present hardware will
obsolete itself, or break down, and then we have an opportunity to move
further  toward 100% Linux, at which point it would be dead simple to
migrate..  simply replace said hardware with a terminal - nothing is
easier than that.

I don't want to "replace" M$ yet ;) I want Linux/OpenSource technology to work better, cheaper, faster than M$ works with their (M$) own stuff. BUT I agree still a controversial suggestion - - NOT crazy though.

For the last two years I have been slowly injecting OO and SO into labs and other areas (PC versions). This Summer provided the connection between PC network file system/auth and terminal file system/auth clears up. I will not replace lab computers, but add 2 kick ass LTSPK12 servers to existing labs. I even had our board office booted to a LTSPK12 server for a week just as a test, Superintendent and all :) My two biggest obstacles are on the app level. Learning curve for OO or SO6 and the idea that if is not M$ it is crap. Man that makes me mad. I mean who would not want a workstation that is easy, reliable, and powerful ? Plus it is cool.

Side note: has anyone got Novell Netware 6 to auth to LTSPK12 teminals via LDAP and export the /home directories ?

Tom Ventresco

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