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Re: [K12OSN] Upgrading from RH 8.0 to LTS 3.0

On 7 Jan 2003, David Bakody wrote:

>I'm currently using Red Hat 8.0 as my sole desktop environment.  I've
>got Codeweavers Wine installed, along with some other goodies that are
>fairly important to me.
>Is it safe or practical to upgrade from Red Hat 8.0 to LTSP 3.0?

It all depends on what you consider to be safe or practical ;-)

This is all completely theoretical, it is untested... so proceed at your
own risk. (Backups, have good, reliable backups ;-)

1) it would probably work just downloading the K12LTSP-specific RPMs and
   installing them by hand

2) install the "comps" rpm off the K12LTSP cds (it's on disc 3, I believe),
   then run the Red Hat Package application (I'm sitting at a RH7.3 box,
   if I remember correctly the command is "redhat-config-packages", I can't
   remember exactly where it is in the GNOME menus), and select the LTSP

3) boot off the K12LTSP discs, choose to do an upgrade, select packages to
   be installed and select the LTSP packages.

Either way, there are a couple things you'll have to do manually...

* Make sure your network settings are reasonable. The default config is
  to use two ethernet cards, eth0 set at w/netmask
  and eth1 set to whatever your LAN settings require (DHCP by default).

* Make sure your firewall rules are reasonable. The default is to trust eth0
  and to permit DHCP & SSH on eth1

* After all is said and done, you'll have to run the K12LTSP initialization


Finally, reboot and cross your fingers...


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