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Re: [K12OSN] Linux and Macs

Just chiming in here. We had about 3000 students. I used the user import
function of webmin. I just made an excel file with the required fields and
webmin did the rest.

Then I used Erics handy ldap script to convert all my users into a ldap db
and after a few bumps we have been rocking ever since.

So I guess check out webmin. - Jamie

On 1/6/03 2:23 PM, "Steve Wright" <paua quicksilver net nz> wrote:

> Jennifer Waters wrote:
>> Still have't fixed my database of all students for
>> home folders yet.  This has been my biggest problem.
>> Still trying to find a solution.  I have a database
>> that had the students Last Name, First Name, and Year
>> Group.  Can't figure out how to get it into a batch
>> file.  I have around 1300 students to make home
>> folders for, I already put in all of the staff by
>> hand, that took me 4 days.
>> I am in the process of writing down exactly what I did
>> and what it does.  This is the only way that I can
>> keep track of what I did.
> What format is the existing database ?
> If you can extract this data, your job will be easy(er).  There are
> plenty of text manipulation tools to do this sort of trickery, and if
> you are experienced in Perl, or would like to learn this language, the
> job will be quite trivial - particularly /next/ time you have to do it.
> Even simpler, I understand Webmin will import users from a text file and
> create Linux+samba+netatalk accounts automagically.. Bert posted a
> solution for this some time back.
> Do keep us informed, and we will assist further.
> regards,
> Steve
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