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[K12OSN] Stubborn users that refuse to die!

Was...Easy way to kill users.  Thanks for the creative responses....I know
i left myself wide open....I laughed since that's exactly how I feel a lot
fo the time.

My new situation....I got TeacherTool to work by making the changes
discussed earlier (except for the VNC part).  OpenOffice is still giving
me some problems.  Today....I had a class of 20 kids working in
Presentation in OpenOffice.  All got in except one.  When I used
TeacherTool and viewed the processes...I saw about 5 "soffice.bin"
instances each followed by a number (I assume the PID).  When I tried to
kill "soffice.bin" I was unable to.  One of the process numbers was
"12841".   So I went to the terminal and typed      kill 12841    
Nothing.   I used treeps.....I can't kill anything there as it tells me I
don't have permission.  (I was logged in as root)   I tried    kill
SIGKILL 12841......and that seemed to work....I went in to TeacherTool
again and the "soffice.bin" stuff was gone.  The kid was then able to
click on OO and it came up.

How can I tackle this in the future and why can't I kill OpenOffice?  I
can kill other stuff for the most part.  What's a better way?  How can I
kill a user and all his processes so they can simply start anew?  Any

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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