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Re: [K12OSN] LDAP...what is it and how can it help me

Paul got my CD's - - thanks. The anticipation is killing me.

Hi All,
Not the expert here on LDAP but here are a few of the many possibilities minus the specifics...Personal opinion after using NDS for a number of years...NDS is great but LDAP is a must. I see LDAP moving in front of NDS in Novell's own product line feature wise. That is often my first question asked to software vendors..."Can I use LDAP to auth users or do I have to have ANOTHER database of userIDs and passwords." I love the look they give me "Oh not another one ..."

Think of LDAP as an address book which holds way more info and more importantly you can use an LDAP server to auth LDAP clients. That's the catch. PROVIDED a client mechanism exists you could go "single sign-on" using LDAP. Oh the joy of one userID and password for your users.

To auth LTSP terminals against LDAP you need to add a PAM to the LTSP server which points to the LDAP server...Now when a clients wants to login to a terminal session ( the LTSP server ) it does not look locally for the user info but checks the LDAP server. It is only easy on paper :) I am still learning myself.

Other systems can use LDAP to auth users PHP/MySQL programs...Cool.
For example, you institute a CMS for your district web page. 20 people keep the thing updated...that CMS should be able to auth via LDAP.

Apache and FTP servers can use LDAP...

Email systems can auth against LDAP...

Writing a new application for your school district add LDAP support to it. Many languages support it like Perl (needs a mod I think)

Another cool thing about a single administration point...let's say you have a "hot shot" student who gets into some trouble "hacker wise," after sucking all the valuable information out of him/her disable that account on the LDAP server...

The magic bean... this is where I need help - - among other places :)
Make windows and mac auth against LDAP... Does this work through SMB, I mean make SMB auth through LDAP ? And use SMB as a PDC for M$ PC clients. Yes/No ? The other big part is connecting the file systems so your /home drive follows you where ever you go.

Have a nice day,

Tom Ventresco

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