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Re: [K12OSN] School Management Software

I had worked with an admin a while back who was using a Citrix box (maybe now a MS Terminal Server) on all of the Macs and linux stations they had to implement an SMS.  If you don't have the money to put the MS solution on all the machines, this gets you the system and compatible with what you already have.


>>> spowers inland k12 mi us 01/08/03 09:25AM >>>
I'm curious what everyone uses as school management software...  We 
currently use Chancery's "MacSchool" -- and next year will most likely 
switch to "WinSchool"  (Chancery is no longer supporting Michigan's 
Single Record Student Database requirements...)  This change is moving 
us from our current 95% Macintosh environment to all staff computers 
being wintel.

It's a good time to introduce a change, and of course I'd like that 
change to include linux as much as possible...

So again, what type of student management/pupil accounting software do 
the linux-centric school systems use?

Thank you,
-Shawn Powers

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