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[K12OSN] Hall of Fame's for K12LTSP and Affero join page...

As many of you know Paul Nelson is trying to get speakers to the NECC this 
year. To help that cause I have created an Affero join page 
that can be linked from anywhere that might help. 

On the page you will see the following: 

In the top left hand corner a text box that allows you to join Affero. Once 
joined you will have a customized profile that looks like this
pre-build inside your volunteer preference page that you can easily copy and 
paste into your .sig.

On the left hand side you will see the Affero Hall of Fame's for K12LTSP

The top HOF is the number of affero users who have received a donation for
their services in the last six months

Second is the breakdown of the Patrons who gave to the volunteer.

Third is the top volunteers who have received a rating and have K12LTSP as a

And finally fourth, The list beneficiaries who have the most individuals who
have them as a beneficiary. We need to get K12LTSP on the TOP of the 

If you like the The HOF's you can be easily place them directly on your 
website if you wish. Just send me a email and I will send you the 
instructions on how to do it.. 

Yesterday we had a $40.00 gift giving to K12LTSP. The generous person who gave 
the gift hasn't activated their account. For this reason they are not showing 
up in the HOF's. So if you do want to give a gift make sure you activate to 
be recognized.



See what I care about and please leave a comment on me!

Office: 415 371 9900
website: http://www.affero.com
email: reed affero com
click here: http://svcs.affero.net/join.php

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