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[K12OSN] Re: where to keep home (followup)

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 04:14 PM, Jimmy Schwankl wrote:

Hello helpful K12LTSP users,

A friend of mine, who is also a computer technician in the neighboring school district is interested in setting up some LTSP, and sent me a question, because I have a lab up and running. His question to me > was:

"We want to try and get our LTSP box to work with our OS X server. We
want users to login to the linux and get their home dir. off of the mac. have
you done this or know how?"

I've gotten some more info from him. Here's what he's done so far and where he's gotten to:

"about the Mac OS X and linux thing, we have NFS out a shared from the mac, the
users folders. and have mounted it under the linux box in a folder called
users (i could put in the home directory but until we can get this problem
fixed users can't login because they can't open their own home folder.) when i
creat a new user i make their home directory /users/* which is really the NFS
mount from the OS X box. the idea is that when a uesr logs in he/she should be
able to open their folder on the OS X box. this is not happening right now.
what i do have is when a uesr logs in he/she get their default home directory
(/home/*) when when they go to /users/* to open their folder they can't because
they don't have rights to. it is has if they are guest of the OS X box and not
legel users. does this clear up what we are doing?"

Again, any and all insights appreciated.

Jimmy Schwankl

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