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Re: Re:[K12OSN] Server specs

Hello Trond,

The installation process will detect multiple CPUs.

When I installed K12LTSP v2.0 the bootloader gave me two options at

I could use the single CPU or SMP kernel.

It's that simple.

The server I installed had the following specs.

ASUS Dual CPU system board with onboard dual channel U160 SCSI, 10 / 100
onboard NIC, serverset chipset (same chipset can be found on some Compaq
2 x PIII 850
3GB registered RAM
3 x 16 GB U160 scsi drives
20/40 GB Tandberg SLR tape drive (this was before people started
mentioning rsync to large backup drives :(  ) 

>From my experience it should happen automagically.


On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 17:52, Trond Mæhlum wrote:
> I have been adviced to go for dual PIII on my server. Will K12LTSP 
> automatically take advantage of the second cpu? Or do I have to do some 
> extra tuning for that to work?
> Trond Mæhlum
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