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Re: [K12OSN] Quick Review of TigerDirect $200 PC

The last time I checked on tigerdirect, the site indicated "while supplies
last" or something to that effect.  Now neither Wal-Mart nor tigerdirect
list a box for $200.  But they both have systems at the $300 mark.  Go
figure. ;-)

James Jensen

--- Jonathan Bartlett <johnnyb eskimo com> wrote:
> I got K12LTSP installed, but didn't have a lot of time to mess with it,
> so
> here's the quick review -
>  * Installed and configured everything correctly, with the exception that
> I had to tell it that there were 16M on the Video card (this would not
> affect function, except perhaps for speed and resolution - but it was
> fine
> even with this setting wrong (defaulted to 1M))
>  * Runs fast, with the obvious exception of initial load of OpenOffice
> (first run is the worse - I think it has to register all of it's UNO
> objects the first time a user runs it)
>  * Default OS of Lindows is very nice, but has very little actual
> functionality
>  * Graphics card has NO Linux OpenGL drivers that I know of (if anyone
> knows of SiS 3D Linux Drivers, let me know)
>  * NOTE - I haven't plugged in speakers yet to tell if the sound works,
> but it detected which card I had at least
>  Machine Specs:
>    AMD Duron 950Mhz (I think it was advertised as 800Mhz)
>    128M RAM
>    15Gig Hard drive
>    SiS Video and sound card
>    56X CDROM
>    Floppy Drive
> For those of you in business, if you are selling these just as terminals,
> you could probably strip off the hard drive, CDROM, and floppy drive, and
> sell those on E-bay to recoup a lot of that $200.
> The reason I bought the computer is that I don't need much, and it was
> cheap enough that I could add my own CDRW and 3D Video card.
> Haven't tried running a terminal on it, but it would definitely make a
> great machine as a terminal.
> Now that I'm reviewing it, I can't seem to find it any more on
> TigerDirect.  Did they stop selling it?
> Jon

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