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Re: [K12OSN] where to keep home

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Jimmy Schwankl wrote:

>"We want to try and get our LTSP box to work with our OS X server.  We
>want users to login to the linux and get their home dir. off of the  
>mac.  have
>you done this or know how?"

I've done it, but it wasn't pretty. MacOS X does not support file locking
over NFS. That means that KDE and GNOME won't work (I have not tried 
GNOME2 yet).

You can get a basic, but decent config with IceWM, Mozilla, and OpenOffice
to work. 

Here's a brief HOWTO I wrote up a while ago for Micheal @ Tigard-Tualatin.
Michael, did this actually work for you? ;-)


So here's the brief run-down:

[replace "server.your.k12.xx.us" with the domain name of your MacOS X server]

   1) bring up the control panel (or whatever Apple calls it), go to
      where file shares are defined, select the "Users" share where
      the home directories reside, and export it as a NFS share. The
      easiest thing is to export it as a global NFS share, but from what
      I understand MacOS X only allows one global NFS share. You'll want
      to specify the IP addresses of the servers you want to access the
      MacOS X server rather than just making it a global share.

      I can't remember all of the details for this, but I found it using
      the Mac's help function and searching for NFS. Hopefully my lousy
      description will get you in to the ballpark ;-)

   2) On the Linux box, create the home directory mount point and mount it...
      (where "server" is the name of the server)

      mkdir /Network/Servers/server/Users
      mount server.your.k12.xx.us:/Network/Servers/server/Users /Network/Servers/server/Users

   3) run "ls /Network/Servers/server/Users" to make sure the mount worked ok.
      If so, add it to /etc/fstab

        server.your.k12.xx.us:/Network/Servers/server/Users /Network/Servers/server/Users nfs defaults,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0

   4) run the following command:

       ldapsearch -x -h server.your.k12.xx.us -b dc=server "(uid=*)" dn

      it should return a bunch of entries such as:

         # user1, users, server
         dn: uid=user1,cn=users,dc=server

         # user2, users, server
         dn: uid=user2,cn=users,dc=server

   5) run "authconfig" and on the first screen select:

        x  Cache Information
        x  Use LDAP
                  Server: server.your.k12.xx.us
                  Base DN: dc=server

     on the second screen select:

        x Use LDAP Authentication
             (the Server & Base DN settings will default to the 1st screen)

   6) append the following lines to /etc/ldap.conf  (again where "server"
      is the name of your server)

          scope sub
          nss_base_passwd         dc=server?sub
          nss_base_shadow         dc=server?sub
          nss_base_group          dc=server?sub

   7) at this point you should be able to login on the console using a
      username/password that exists on the MacOS X server

   8) MacOS X does not support NFS file locking, this breaks both KDE and GNOME
      I have not tried K12LTSP 3.0 yet, which uses GNOME2. Icewm is known to
      work with a few modifications. Edit /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM and
      comment out the "nautilus &" line.

   9) Many GNOME/KDE applications will refuse to work because MacOS X does
      not support NFS file locking. OpenOffice and Mozilla work fine.


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